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1.5L screw feeding weigher

Identification number:4A-13V/4A-13B/4A-13S
Main features:

1.Screw feeding and scraper hopper for extra sticky products,also ensure the taste for pre-mixed food with sauce.

2.Interchangeable hopper design enables easy maintenance and washdown.

3.Optional extra sets of screw feeder for different products.

4.Compact design minimize the footprint.

5.By using belt conveyor, minimize the sticking on the traditional collecting chute.



Product introduction

Application samples

Spicy fish, Sour bean,Pickles, dried radish and other material with sauce ;jelly fish,poultry, meat.......etc which are processed with sause, materials not easy to move by vibration.

Machine Category


Feeding by conveyor belt pattem        Oscillation feeding pattem          Secrew feeding pattem