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Standard weigher

Identification number:2B-9X/2B-1X/2B-2X/2B-3X
Main features:
  1. Strength of standard combination weigher: wide range of application, high price competitiveness, reliable performace.

  2. 10.4 inch color display, lots of language can be chosen.

  3. Speed and amplitude can be adjusted in operation process. 

  4. Weigh hopper followed by discharge, effectively prevents blockages.

  5. Amplitude of each linear feeder can be adjusted separately.

  6. 99 of present programs are preprogrammed in stock. 

Product introduction

Application sample

Puffed food, roasted nuts & seeds, potato chips, candy, sweet dumplings, biscuits, pasta, herbal pieces, pet food, frozen food, hardware  ect.....