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Solution For Large volume Packaging Weighing

Application Material Characteristics

Loose or leafy objects Pre-mixed satad,bean sprouts and froaen objects such as potaio chips.

Application Material  List


             Salad                                      Bean sprouts                            sausage                               Chinden legs         

Scheme Descriiption

Loose or leafy objets: Pre -mixed salad,beam,sprouts and frozen objects such as potato chips ,apply to the weithing solution of heavy and large volume materials.

Product model


5.5L large capacity weigher               7.5L large capacity weigher 

Product  Features

  1. Anti-condensation processing device and 7.5L hopper can solve effectively large capacity or heavy materials weighing solution.

  2. Speed of main vibration and amplitude can be dynamically adjusted by display.

  3. The feeding amount of conveyor can be controlled by analog signal.

  4. The newest 4G mainboard available to use the function of network,display with USB connector and automatic program updates.

  5. Wide angle camera can control the materials operation status of main vibration plate and linear plate.

  6. Waterproof level reaches standard IP65,easy for cleaning and wire protection.