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Solution For Fargile Material Packaging Weighing

Applicatiom  Material  Characteristics:

some food easy to  be  damaged or broken due to drop druing weighing or convering process.

Application Material  List :


            Tomato                               Potato chips                              Biscuits

Product model:


   Multihead weigher for fragile

Product   Features:

Adopted -two layers  of 10   2.0L microcmputer  combination scale

  1. the  choice of 2.0L  scale  the main vibration standard load cell ,better control hoist feeding 

  2. the center  of  the  application of buffer rods to prevent material  collision 

    In the chute and  the location  of  the  sub-plate  to install  the center of the guide rod to  prevent  the  direction  of  the  material  in  the direction  of   the  material  at  the mouth of the  impact of each other ,resulting  in material off,bumps to ensure product quslity.

  3. weighing bucket,bucket ,bucket,under the trough paste food grade silicone pad.

    As we all know,the material and stainless in the process,will destroy the material phase,in contact with the material on the surface of the full range of food-grade silicome pad ,can play a buffer effect ,effectively prevent the material falling process impact,thus ln the weighing process to play the role of protection products phase.

  4. the application of special double hopper (two-stage buffer feeder).

    In the mext tray below the installation of special  double hopper, two layers  of buffer material ,effectively reduce the fall when the matenal falls,so the final packaging  process to protect the appearance of the material is not hit, the maximum realization of the shatterpoof  function.