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Solution For Stick-Shaped Material Packaging Weighing

Application Material  Characteristics

Milk bar,food of bar-shaped bar-shaped of pet  food,ect.....

Application Material  List


           Pet food                               Biscuits                                Milk rod

Scneme  Description

  1. The insertion part of  feed bucket and weigh bucket can be removed, can be used as both mormal and strip materials.

  2. Independent chute designs can ensure materials falling vertically

  3. By using vertical  air cylinder,keep materials in order into the bag.

Product  model:


Stick -shaped weigher

Product  Features:

Adopted -two layers of 14 haed 2.5L microcomputer combination scale.

.Weighing speed:60BPM

.Weighing Tolerance:0.5g-1.5g

.Single weight:20-1000g

.Maximum single discharge:1500ml