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Solution For Mixed material Packaging Weighing

Application Material Characteristics:

For mixing different products into one package or feeding multiple packers at the same time.

Application Material  List:


         Candy                             Oatmeal                             Beans

Scheme Description:

  1. Can be  High-speed weighing for a sinle material.

  2. Can be mix weighing for recipess of multi-material.

Product model:


 20 head Mixed weigher               16 head Mixed weigher 

Product Features:

Adopted--two-layers 20 heads combinstion  weigher with 2.5L hopper.

Using 2.5L hopper and standard weighing load cell of main vibrator can be more easier to control material feeding of conveyor.

  1. Max Weighing Speed (WPX):55BPM×2sides/min

  2. Average Tolerance:0.5g-2g

  3. Single Weigh:20g-1000g

  4. Max.Single Discharge:5000ml ×2