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Solution For Stick Material Packaging Weighing

Application Material  Characteristics

Spicy  Fish, Sour Bean,Pickles,Dried Radish and other material with sauce;

Jelly fish ,pouitry,meat ......etc which are processed with sauce,materials not easy to move by vibration.

Application Material List:


        Salt Black Bean                            Pickles                                      Dried  radish                          Dried bean curd

Schene Description

Spicy Fish,Sour Bean ,Pickles,Dried Radish and  other material wiht sauce;

Jelly fish,poultry ,meat......etc which are processed with sauce ,materials not easy to move by vibration.

According to solution for sticky materials packge weighing ,the product can be achieve effect of non-loss transmission and accurate weighing by using the new version of horizontal  type multihead weigher.

Product model


  1.5L screw feeding  weigher            0.5L screw feeding weigher

Product  Featrues

  1. Screw feeding and scraper hoppeer for extra sticky products,also ensure the taste for pre-mixed food with sauce.

  2. Interchangeable hopper design enables easy  maintenance and washdown.

  3. Optional extra sets of screw feeder for different products.

  4. Compact design minimize the footprint.

  5. By using belt coveyor,minimize the sticking on  the traditional  collecting chute.

Application function extension


   Easy  to disassemble belt                    Multi-type screw                           Vibrating feed tyan   

Adding up above optional spare parts,more ability can be acheived------

1.Optional Screw: In order to achieve"A machine can meet nultiple types of material applications",                                   

different type to screws can be chosen by characteristic of diversified material.

2.Oscillation feeding pattern:Oscillation feeding instead of screw feeding ,applys for material with easy to move characteristic.

3.Belt conveyor feeding pattem:Feeding by conveyor belt replace screw feeding .applys for material with easy to flow characteristic.

4.Removable discharge belt:Discharged by belt feeding ,easy remove and clean.